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Why Become a PRSA member?

If you believe, as we do, that ongoing education and networking as a professional is important, then you should become a member of PRSA Philadelphia. We offer informative programs every month on topics pertinent to public relations professionals, and host local networking and social events to help you expand your circle of contacts. We also organize an annual awards program — The Pepperpot Awards — as an avenue to increase recognition of your campaigns and tactics. Looking for a new position? Our weekly Job Bank newsletter, included in your membership, will alert you to new job opportunities in the region. Our chapter exists because our members believe in the importance of a local forum for public relations professionals.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a PRSA member, you’ll have access to:

  • More than 21,000 colleagues through our members-only directories and discussion forums
  • More than 50 FREE webinars, live and on demand, throughout the year
  • Exclusive discounts on PRSA conferences and events
  • Industry publications (print and digital)
  • Award-winning case studies
  • The Business Case for Public Relations™ and the PRSA Code of Ethics, which offer values, principles and practice guidelines that define professionalism and success

Learn more about the benefits of PRSA membership here.

How do I become a PRSA member?

PRSA is a national society with local chapters across the United States. In order to become a member of the Philadelphia chapter, you must become (or already be) a member of the National PRSA. You can belong to more than one local chapter.

Applications for membership and dues payments for National PRSA and the Philadelphia Chapter are handled by the National PRSA organization. The annual rates for National PRSA vary based on your professional experience (see options below) and are $60.00 for the Philadelphia Chapter.

Join Now!

Become a member of PRSA Philadelphia here.

The National PRSA organization will notify us when you have joined our chapter. At that point, you will begin receiving information on upcoming meetings and events. If you need to check your membership status for the Philadelphia Chapter, please contact our Membership Chair membership@philly.org.

I’m not sure my employer will cover my membership fees. Can you help me justify the expense?

Yes! PRSA National has a great resource available at www.prsa.org/gaining-employer-approval.

What will be my membership fees?

Membership Options Are Based on Your Professional Experience
Please refer to the PRSA National website here for the latest information regarding dues pricing and for the latest promotional offerings!

Do you have more than three years of experience in public relations? 
Join as a Member ($255 annual dues plus a one-time $65 initiation fee).

Do you have two to three years of experience in public relations? 
Join as an Associate Member 3 ($200 annual dues).

Do you have one to two years of experience in public relations? 
Join as an Associate Member 2 ($155 annual dues).

Do you have less than one year of experience in public relations? 
Join as an Associate Member 1 ($115 annual dues).

Were you a PRSSA member? And did you graduate within the past two years? 
Join as an Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate ($60 annual dues).

Are you a full-time graduate student working toward a public relations degree? 
Join as an Associate Member, Graduate Student ($60 annual dues).

Are you a former member of PRSA?  
Join as a Reinstating Member ($255 annual dues plus a one-time $35 reinstatement fee).

Are you part of an organization that has five or more individuals interested in joining?
Check out the PRSA National website here for the latest promotional offerings!

Are you retired?
Members who have been in good standing for at least five years may qualify for retirement status ($50 annual dues). You must be employed less than 50 percent of the time. Contact Membership at memberservices@prsa.org for more information.