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Earn Your APR

APRBe An Industry Leader: Earn Your APR

In 1964, visionary leaders established the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential as a way to recognize practitioners who have mastered the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to develop and deliver strategic communications.

Decades later, as public relations continues to evolve, the APR remains the recognized gold standard for the profession. Internationally recognized, the APR integrates timeless communications principles with contemporary strategies and tactics. The process of earning your APR takes your skills to the next level by exposing you to today’s cutting-edge strategies and practices, assessing your skills to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and demonstrating your personal and professional commitment to excellence. Pursuing the APR gives you direct access to top public relations leaders — APRs who will guide you through the process of achieving accreditation — and provides the tools you need to distinguish yourself as a luminary in the public relations field.

Who is eligible? APR is a professional certification program open to public relations professionals. It is administered by the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), a consortium of 10 leading industry organizations, including PRSA. Any PRSA member in good standing can take on the challenge of earning accreditation. However, it is recommended that candidates have at least five years’ experience in the full-time practice or teaching of public relations, and have earned either a bachelor’s degree in a communication-specific field or equivalent work experience.

To learn more, visit the APR website for a wealth of information and resources. Apply for your APR Accreditation here.

At-Home APR Training for the Pros

Boost your professional knowledge in three days at home!

One day of training is $95, but for $199 participants receive the one-day training and 10+ hours of additional/amplified material taught by Anthony Fulginiti, APR and John Moscatelli, APR, both PRSA Fellows.

Now you can access intensive communication training by PRSA Philadelphia’s top experts from the comfort of your home or office. Learn at your own pace and refresh your knowledge at any time with three days’ worth of video training sessions.

Appropriate for professionals at all levels, PRSA Philly’s “APR Training for the Pros” offers a robust foundation in communication principles that will enhance your day-to-day work, with a depth and rigor that you can draw upon at any time to help you pursue Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), the national professional credential offered through PRSA.

  • Want to strengthen the basis and broaden the scope of your communication knowledge through a combination of theory and case studies?
  • Need a refresher on communication planning, media relations, crisis management, or public relations law?
  • Want to have a significant resource on-hand in your organization’s library to educate new employees or refresh rising leaders?
  • Planning to take the APR readiness review and exam to become accredited by one of the world’s largest and most influential professional societies?

Training by Experts

The lectures are led by two expert practitioners and esteemed educators, both distinguished members of PRSA’s prestigious College of Fellows.

Anthony Fulginiti, APR, Fellow PRSA, Professor Emeritus at Rowan University

John Moscatelli, APR, Fellow PRSA, Senior Crisis Communications Planner and Consultant at JJM Communications LLC; Adjunct Professor at Rowan University

Compelling Content

Investing in APR Training for the Pros will provide you with a deep and long-lasting educational resource:

Day One. Anthony Fulginiti discusses public relations in society, as well as pertinent communication theories and models that practitioners apply daily but may not even know they use. Professor Fulginiti also reviews sample questions from the APR exam and dissects a case study on an animal testing laboratory.

Day Two. Professor Fulginiti explores critical topics for public relations practitioners—public relations planning, law, ethics and media relations. It’s a power-packed day of relevant information for any public relations practitioner. 

Day Three. John Moscatelli details crisis management from his years of experience with the Air Force and numerous public relations agencies. Crisis management represents an important component of our practice as well as the APR exam.

Flexible Formats

You can purchase APR Training for the Pros by individual day or select the full set, available in hard copy DVD or downloadable file.

  1. Nine-DVD Set: $225
    The discs contain the three days of training detailed above, across nine DVDs.
  2. Individual Downloadable Files: $99 per file, $225 for the set of three
    You can purchase Day 1, Day 2. or Day 3 individually by downloadable file.
To purchase, contact admin@philly.org.