Recognition Awards

The PRSA Achievement Awards honor extraordinary individuals for excellence in public relations. PRSA Philadelphia distributes the awards in November at the Pepperpot and Achievement Awards Ceremony.

The nomination's process for the 2018 awards has concluded.

Anthony Fulginiti Award for Commitment to Education

In 1976, professor Tony Fulginiti took his passion for public relations and established a PRSSA chapter at Rowan University. He saw this as an opportunity for public relations students to learn and grow in a professional setting and for Rowan to make a name for itself in the PR world. Thirty-one years later, the Rowan PRSSA chapter is one of the most successful chapters in the nation. The Anthony Fulginiti Award was established to honor a public relations professional who shares Tony’s commitment to the future of our profession. The award honors a person who excels in education, either through their mentoring/teaching, their efforts to help shape the careers of future PR professionals, or their  contributions to PRSSA.

1988 Anne S. Klein, APR, Fellow PRSA
, 1989 William Bennington
, 1990 Jean Brodey, APR/Steve Lawrence, APR
, 1991 Frank X. Long, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
1992 Jan Kelly, APR, 
1993 David Kirk, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
1994 Carole Gorney, APR, Fellow PRSA
, 1995 Peggy Leone, APR, 
1996 Michael Willmann, APR, 
1997 None
, 1998 Suzanne Sparks Fitzgerald, APR, Fellow, PRSA, 1999 Rick Alcantara
, 2000 Larry Rubin, 
2001 Steve Lawrence, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
2002 Larry Litwin, APR, 
2003 William Cowen, IV, 
2004 John Moscatelli, APR, Fellow PRSA
, 2005 Michael C. Mallowe, 2006 David Ferrell, 2007 Jacob Farbman, MA, APR, 2008 Blair Kahora / Emily Grose, 2009 Lou Grossman, APR, 2010 Gregg Feistman, 2011 Michael Smith, La Salle University, 2012 Karen Galanaugh, APR, 2013 Harriet K. Goodheart, 2014 Jennifer Kitchen, Widener University, 2015 Yasheaka Oakley, 2016 Meredith Z. Avakian

Maxine Elkin Award for Distinguished Service

The late Maxine Elkin was well known in Philadelphia as a public relations professional who also served as a great asset to the Philadelphia PRSA chapter. The Maxine Elkin Award honors Maxine’s passion for public relations, particularly in the field of media relations, through leadership, professionalism, and integrity in the field of public relations and sharing a commitment to the advancement of the profession.

1997 Rick Alcantara
, 1998 Tony Fulginiti, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
1999 Frank Long, APR, Fellow PRSA,
2000 David Kirk, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
2001 Anne S. Klein, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
2002 John Moscatelli, APR, Fellow, PRSA, 
2003 Steve Rosen, 
2004 Dawn Angelique Jones, 
2005 Nancy Bacher Long, 2006 Lauren O’Brien, APR, 2007 Dina Silver Pokedoff, APR, 2008 Leigh Fazzina, 2009 Ellen Toplin, 2010 Suzanne Fitzgerald, 2011 Stephanie DeViteri, 2012 Anne Buchanan, APR, 2013 Gina F. Rubel, 2014 Scott Tattar, 2015 Peggy Leone, 2016 Ashley Moore

Frank X. Long Award for Excellence in Writing

Frank Long passed away after a stellar 50-year career that ran the public relations gamut. Frank’s true passion was writing with creativity, style and flair. The Frank X. Long Award, created in 2000, honors a public relations professional who practices and professes Frank’s passion and honors excellence in writing and creativity.

2000 Nelson M. Fellman, APR, 
2001 Scott Tattar, 
2002 Sylvia Kauders
, 2003 John Woerth, 2004 Lori Doyle, 
2005 Steve Albertini, APR, 2006 Rowan University PRSSA, 2007 Bill Cowen, 2008 Sheryl Williams, 2009 John Moscatelli, APR, Fellow PRSA, 2010 Kelly Kutchinsky, 2011 Sarah Reese, 2012 Michele Ritchie, 2014 Mary Wascavage, 2015 Daniel Weckerly,

DeAnn White Award for Excellence in Community Service

DeAnn White’s short career was filled with accomplishments that take many a lifetime to achieve, and when she tragically passed away in the summer of 2000 at the age of 25, she was public relations manager for the New Jersey State Aquarium. Though she was still busy building her PR career, DeAnn still managed to find time to volunteer her PR talent to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and St. Mary’s Home for Children Living with AIDS. She also created a family outreach project called Sister II Sister. The DeAnn White Award was established in 2000 to acknowledge the work of a Philadelphia PRSA member who utilizes his/her public relations expertise in the field of community service and volunteerism.

2000 David W. Brown/Michael Willmann, 
2001 Carla Ferrara, 
2002 Ellen Toplin, 2003 Anne S. Klein, APR, Fellow PRSA, 
2004 Deborah Albert, 
2005 M. Toni Buckley, 2006 Bob Grupp, 2007 Gina F. Rubel, 2008 Nicole A. Cashman, 2009 Barbara Link, 2010 Linda Deeter, 2011 Karin Phillips, 2012 Scott Tattar, 2015 Michael Gross, 2016 Dr. Bill Cowen

President’s Award

Given by the chapter president, this award recognizes the dedicated efforts of an exemplary PRSA volunteer. The award honors professionalism, integrity and leadership. 

2000 Jeanne Russo, 2001 Lee Marshall, 
2002 Laurel O’Brien, APR, 
2003 Donna Basilicato, 
2004 Nancy Bacher Long, Marisa Avallone Sharkey, 
2005 Jonathan Morein, Dana King,  2006 Steve Lubetkin, 2007 The PR Institute, 2008 Molly Wilson, 2009 Lisa Packer, 2010 Lee Marshall, 2012  Kory Aversa, 2013 Erin Allsman, APR, 2014 Kimberly Ciesla, 2015 Becca Barker, 2016 Rosie Braude

Anne Sceia Klein Award for Professional Promise

The Anne Sceia Klein Award for Professional Promise recognizes a college senior who is a member of a PRSSA chapter affiliated with Philadelphia PRSA and who has demonstrated his or her dedication to advancing himself or herself in the field of public relation. This award is judged independently by Anne Klein Communications Group. 

2008 Greg Richter, Rowan University, 2009 Allison Freeman, La Salle University, 2010 Kimberly M. Ciesla, Rowan University, 2011 Darrah Lyn Foster, 2012 Kelly Ann Ricker2013 Kellsey Turner, 2014 Rachel Christie, 2015 Casey Shea, Rowan University, 2016 Kristen Pietryka, Marywood University

Lifetime Achievement Award

2007 Larry Shenk, 2009 Nancy Long