Message From the President

Dear Fellow PRSA Members,

I'm thrilled to be able to continue our journey together--to continue challenging you to think differently about investing in yourself and your career. 

We all have supervisors to please, budgets to adhere to and obstacles to overcome. But what PRSA affords us is an environment to grow our skills and learn new tools, share best (and not-so-best) practices, and brainstorm, test and ultimately deliver new ideas to our organizations. All we have to do as members is take advantage of the opportunity! We have a wealth of resources available to us as members of both a chapter and a national organization.

In 2017, we will continue to carry out the chapter’s strategic priorities of membership engagement, retention and recruitment, fiscal sustainability, and programming designed to challenge your thinking as PR leaders and rising PR leaders. 

The Board of Directors aims to bring you the programming you crave, so if you have ideas or requests, I invite you to email me or the programming chair. Additionally, we warmly welcome volunteers to serve on our many committees. If you see one of interest to you, please reach out to the committee chair. 

There are many reasons we choose to join PRSA. Whatever your reason for joining, renewing or reinstating – thank you. It is because of you that I am energized by this challenge and truly look forward to another year as president. 

Kind regards,
Kimberly (Kim) Nissen
President, PRSA Philadelphia